As veterans of the adult niche, we know a thing or two about porno affiliate programs.

This site is a shameless attempt to second-tier as many of you as we possibly can… using the bait of some helpful affiliate guides.

Yes, yes.

It’s a simple premise.

The porn industry is large enough for many affiliates to succeed without stamping on each other’s toes.

Our mission is to provide enough helpful information from what we’ve learnt promoting porn programs, to allow you to make money doing the same.

If you are successful, that’s great, because (ideally!) you’ll be prospering under our original referral links.

We’d love you to make as much money as is feasibly possible.

In return, we’ll be posting some tips and pointers that we’ve used to improve our VR porn conversion rates, as well as to reach this new and lucrative growing market.

We’ll probably touch on some traditional porn programs along the way, too, but… mostly, this blog is about virtual reality. And sex.

It’s where we’re seeing a ton of growth at the moment.

Any questions?

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Always happy to talk business with other adult marketers!

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